Common set up in attorney’s conference room.

Videotaping of Depositions

Tele-Video Production Services has been one of the pioneers in deposition recording since 1989. Today we continue to set the standard with state of the art digital cameras and lapel microphones enabling us to guarantee the highest quality picture and sound on every job we videotape. All of our videographers are highly trained and very professional.


We offer your video in several formats:

DVD Video Discs –

  •    Plays on DVD-Video players and computers
  •    Excellent video picture quality
  •    May need software for your computer to play them
  •    Cannot be synchronized

Our equipment is fully portable making set up in large hotel banquet rooms or small rooms in private homes simple.

DVD-Video discs are the same type of discs as you would get with a movie rental and are playable on any standard movie DVD player. Most computers are equipped with software to play DVD-Video discs, but not all.


MPEG-1 video on DVD Data Disc –

  •    A full day’s video fits on one DVD
  •    Plays on any computer with a DVD drive
  •    Easy to review
  •    Can be synchronized!


You need a DVD drive on your computer to play DVD-ROMs. DVD-ROMs contain MPEG-1 digital video files, viewable with the Windows Media Player, Quicktime Player, and all standard MPEG players. This option is most convenient if you have DVD drives on your computers.

Post Production: One of several of our stacks of DVD recorders for tape to DVD transfer and post production!

Text Synchrnoized DVD Data Disc –

  •    Includes mpeg-1 video synchronized with the transcript
  •    Plays on any PC with a DVD drive
  •    Disc includes link to load InData software (only needs to be installed once)
  •    Allows for simple desktop editing for use with all major trial preparation software such as Trial Director & Sanction

You need a DVD drive on your computer to play text synchronized DVD data discs. DVD-ROMs. D


VHS Videotape (mostly obsolete today) –

  •    Plays on any standard VCR
  •    Cannot be synchronized
  •    Won’t play on your computer

Although now considered obsolete, VHS tapes are the standard format for consumer videotape recorder/players.

Video Production

  • Videotape to DVD transfers.  Most video formats transferred to DVD with labels printed directly to disc and placed in clear poly DVD case. No job too big or too small.
  • Digital Video Editing. From simple cuts and fades to full edited programs with photos, music and narration.
  • DVD and CD duplication. Price break for greater quantities, we can make from one to 1000 DVD copies. Larger quantities of DVD copies also available with longer turn around time, but considerable cost savings.
  • Encoding video to MPEG and uploading to your Web Site or YouTube.
  • On site recording of events and corporate training sessions.
  • Post Productions editing of events and fully authored DVDs of your event or training.